Pro tip for next year.

Jetted tub and Jacuzzi hotel rooms tend to be underwhelming as far as sexytime romance goes and there is a much greater potential for ickiness. Ask about "executive suites" or "club level." If you can find a suite with an actual hot tub, yes, the jets are fun, but it's hard to stop thinking about how many other people have made love in that water. This is actually fine if you trust the hotel to change the filters regularly. Don't stay in this room if you don't know the hotel. Run the hot tub for a bit before you step in, anyway. If your nose starts running because of chemicals, don't even get in there.

If you must have a specific room type on Valentine's Day evening, maybe book between Christmas and New Year's. Better yet, have your Valentine's Day in, where the service people aren't beleaguered by the ravening prove-it hordes, make your reservations for a mutually-convenient day (maybe the anniversary of the day you met?), print it out, and put it in a card, bouquet or other vehicle of coolth.

And get a regular suite and have sex over the couch.
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